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I have been with CouponSponge for 3 wks and have had 3 shopping trips. In total, I have saved $311.81 which is a 76% savings. It’s amazing. Now it’s not “I have to go grocery shopping”, it’s “I wanna go shopping.” Thank you CouponSponge!!! – Salyna G.

On a quick shopping trip today, I gave my 10 year old son some coupons and had him go get a few item. He had a blast as though he was on a treasure hunt. From now on I will give him half the coupons and a cart. We will get 100 % shopping done at half the price AND half the time! CouponSponge has now become a family passion! Thanks!!! - Melissa D.

I have been into couponing in the past, but never with a system so easy to use!! I love the way the website is set up, it’s soooo easy to use and it saves me time & money!! Thank you CouponSponge!!! - Heather G.

I was at Fry’s the other day and I saw a woman ahead of me doin’ the dance.  The CouponSponge Dance – That Is!  She had saved over 150.00!!!!  I paid less than I saved that day and my Husband is just amazed.  Thank You CouponSponge!!!!! - Rene T.

I’ve been a subscriber for a year or so and love just knowing each week I’ll get a chance to get free or almost free products! I have my husband asking if I’ve reviewed it each week and have taught my oldest daughter to get on and find coupons using expert shopper! I’ve also tracked our savings and it offsets the cost of service. - Carin W.

I’ve been a subscriber for about 4 months (I think) and my husband and I have made trips to the grocery store our “time alone.”  I know that sounds funny, but our four children don’t enjoy getting lots of groceries for a little money or waiting while we find the right coupon or search for the right product.  My hubby is a total Dutchman and loves to save money.  I love to see how excited he gets when we buy $286 worth of groceries for $30 or getting free toothbrushes!!  He even likes getting any kind of free food.  I wouldn’t have been able to do any of this without CouponSponge. - Bev D.

I just got back from shopping at CVS and I brought home 4 bottles of GL Vitamin water, was on sale 4/$5, Colgate 4.2 oz toothpaste buy 1, get 1 free $2.79 w/.75 coupon for each purchase, Schick Qtro razor on sale for 8.99 w/$4 ECB back, Altoids buy 1, get one free 2.99, Excedrin 5.49 had a $2 coupon, 2 Halls throat losengers, coupon for free for both, normally cost 2.19.  Would have normally cost 49.34, after coupons and ECB, I walked out paying only $5.34.  Not bad. - Naoma S.

I was a CouponSponge member until 2004 when I moved to Kansas.  I really missed it!  I got used to accepting 20-30% as good.  When I returned to AZ in 2006, one of the first things I did was renew my subscription.  It is so nice to open my pantry and closets and see all the things that I have already received FREE.  Something I couldn’t do in KS. - Linda P.

I started with CouponSponge less than a month ago.  With assistance from several other members I was able to get free laundry detergent and shampoo for almost a year stock!  When I called my mother to tell her…. she was shocked!  And asked where her daughter went to!  My DH and I talked about getting second jobs to cover the bills we have racked up.  Now, it seems like almost nothing is going out of groceries… SO, no second job for me!Happy Saving! - Julianne M.

CouponSponge makes me love shopping because I don’t have to feel guilty for spending money!  It’s money well spent and saved! – Belinda L.

I love CouponSponge because it has taught me how to shop differently. I know how much to pay-or not pay-for certain items and how to get the most for my dollar. It has been so fun to share my great finds with other CouponSponge members. I love CouponSponge! - Steffanie L.

CouponSponge has not been just about saving money for me. It has helped me establish new friendships and associate with other women who have the same priorities as I do- their family! I love the idea that my friends too call me a “coupon freak”, I also wear that title proudly. I also LOVE to teach this program and see the satisfaction of others as they learn their way to financial freedom with minimal sacrifice and in such a fun way! - Heather H.



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